aic7xxx revisited...

Alec Wood alecwood at
Sat Dec 20 03:55:03 EST 2003

Thus spake Benjamin Herrenschmidt:

> Try to find all occurences of
> #define MMAPIO
> in drivers/aic7xxx/* and replace them with
> #undef MMAPIO
> Then let me know.

Yeah, it boots fine after doing that!

> While I agree that an early crash is better than silent malfunction, I
> still think something weird is going on here, maybe we are misconfiguring
> something in the CPU (not broadcasting eieo to the bus) or the apple
> nortbridge isn't doing things right... Unfortunately, I haven't had
> direct access to HW showing the problem and thus couldn't investigate
> more.

Well, I don't have any kernel development experience per se, but I'd
like to make myself useful... please advise!


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