2.6 PReP issues, still freezing

Christian Kujau evil at g-house.de
Tue Dec 2 01:23:22 EST 2003

Remco Post wrote:
> I stopped complaining a while back (2.5.60 something) since I got absolutely

did you get any further?
i saw one of your posts:

yes, the "not-compiling" issues during 2.5.3x. 2.5.38 is only compiling
a "vmlinux.gz", but no zImage.prep here. and this vmlinux.gz is
worthless. do you mind sending in your fix?

> no response. I'm one of the lucky (?) few who have a motorola powerstack
> (II) mobo.

root at sheep:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor       : 0
cpu             : 604r
clock           : ???
revision        : 49.2 (pvr 0009 3102)
bogomips        : 299.00
machine         : PReP Utah (Powerstack II Pro4000)
l2 cache        : 512KiB, parity disabled SRAM:synchronous, pipelined,
no parity

....from ebay :-)

BOFH excuse #375:

Root name servers corrupted.

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