Ethernets on SCC2 and SCC3 on mpc8xx

Jan Damborsky jan.damborsky at
Sat Aug 16 01:38:35 EST 2003

Dan Malek wrote:

> Attached is a patch for an old driver that I have given to many
> people over the past couple of years that all promised they would
> update the current source.  This never happened, so if anyone else
> wants to try, have at it.
> I don't like this patch due to the amount of code in the header
> file that can only increase as more boards are added.  Please
> remove this code and place it int some file, like enet_init.c or
> something like that.
Thank you. I will apply this patch as soon as I return from
holiday in September.
                                     Jan Damborsky

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