Ethernets on SCC2 and SCC3 on mpc8xx

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Thu Aug 14 02:47:22 EST 2003


in message <3F3A3E2C.8040609 at> you wrote:
> we want to use our custom board with MPC823e as
> easy firewall in our applications. We have two 10Mbit ethernet
> on board connected to SCC2 and SCC3 channels.
> Is it support in kernel
> for using both SCC channels configured as ethernet
> (eth0, eth1 devices) simultaneously ? I use 2.4.3 kernel

No, none of the public kernels supprts such  a  configurations.  Some
(ugly) patches (basicly duplicating the whole code) habe beeen posted
a  long,  long  time  ago.  You might find them in the archies. But a
rework of the driver shouldn't be oo difficult.

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