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Fri Aug 1 21:43:12 EST 2003

On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 23:34, Heinz Kirchmann wrote: 
> I tried to collect some info, why the dmasound driver does not work 
> correctly on my iBook2. Besides the fact, that recording is not possible 
> with the standard dmasound_pmac and dmasound_core drivers, I noticed 
> problems with audacity, too. After calling audacity (version 1.0.1) 
> neither recording nor playing were possible any more. I made some tests 
> and it turned out, that opening /dev/dsp with flag O_RDWR caused the 
> driver not to release the device cleanly.
> System:
>    Hardware: iBook2 G3 800 12"
>    OS: Debian 3.0
>    Kernel: 2.4.21-ben2 (from rsync, no configuration changes)
> I took a closer look at the kernel sources of dmasound_core.c and 
> dmasound_awacs.c in subdirectory 'drivers/sound/dmasound'.
> I noticed the following strange things in dmasound_core.c and 
> dmasound_awacs.c:
> a) in sq_open (dmasound_core.c) I found two (conflicting?) concepts to 
> decide, if the soundcard offers recording possibility or not: macro 
> 'HAS_RECORD' was set and dmasound.mach.record was _not_ set. 

They aren't conflicting. HAS_RECORD defines whether the code for
recording is built in at all, dmasound.mach.record says whether
recording is supported for the machine it's running on.

> I decided to change the corresponding line in function dmasound_awacs_init 
> (file dmasound_awacs.c) around line 3109:
>          if (awacs_revision != AWACS_TUMBLER &&
>              awacs_revision != AWACS_SNAPPER &&
>              awacs_revision != AWACS_DACA)
> 		dmasound.mach.capabilities = DSP_CAP_DUPLEX ;
> 		dmasound.mach.record = PMacRecord ;
> ...
> I commented out the line with AWACS_SNAPPER in it, thus causing 
> dmasound.mach.record to be set to a value != NULL.
> b) the structure sq_fops of type 'struct file_operations' (in 
> dmasound_core.c) does not define a function for 'read'. Even though 
> 'HAS_RECORD' is defined, the corresponding value is set to NULL. What am 
> I missing here?
> I decided to set the value for 'read' to 'sq_read'.

This is done in sq_init() if recording is supported.

> These two changes changed the behaviour of the driver as follows:
> a) open for reading now possible, but a call to read will cause the read 
> function to return immediately with successful return value but returned 
> data does not contain any senseful samples.
> b) driver does not lock up sound device after opening with O_RDWR.

Well, this just avoids the problem by pretending that recording is
supported, when in fact it isn't.

However, as some apps open the device with O_RDWR even when they're
never going to read from it, this might not be the worst approach. This
patch does more or less what you describe, but reads will return

Does anybody see a problem with this? (I mean a more annoying problem
than the one it works around? :)

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