Shift keycodes on the iBook

Michel Lanners mlan at
Thu Sep 5 16:03:06 EST 2002

On   3 Sep, this message from Benjamin Herrenschmidt echoed through cyberspace:
>>> The interesting thing is that was what was believed for years about
>>> the locking capslock key as well...
>>Ah, but that depends on the specific model of keyboard. At least some of
>>Apple's ADB keyboards _do_ indead have a mechanical capslock.
>>I don't know for USB keyboards, but obviously the PowerBook keyboards
>>have a regular (non-locking) key as capslock. Whether the lock is done
>>in the ADB driver or in the keyboard controller, I don't know...
> Actually, the lock itself isn't, but the keycode sent by the PMU behave
> like a HW lock (and the LED is driven that way too).
> In both cases, there may be ways to instruct the PMU to behave differently
> but I don't know about them.

Anybody up for sucking the PMU firmware out of the little beast and
reverse-engineering it? Might be a fun project :-))



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