Shift keycodes on the iBook

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Wed Sep 4 06:15:27 EST 2002

>> >Is this a hardware limitation, or just a limitation of the current
>> >maps?  If it is the latter, can it be easily fixed?  I'm willing to
>> >provide whatever information is necessary if the problem is just that
>> >the appropriate developer needs information about the iBook keyboard.
>> AFAIK, it's a HW limitation (or at least a limitation of the PMU's
>> firmware), there is no workaround I know about.
>The interesting thing is that was what was believed for years about
>the locking capslock key as well...

The locking capslock is in HW as well, there is a hack to turn capslock
into some different key, but it's really a hack.


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