Sonnet G4 800 in 1st gen PCI mac + linux ...

Andreas Tobler toa at
Wed Oct 30 07:33:56 EST 2002

vinai wrote:

> Hey Folks,
> I posted a note to one of the mac sites with this question and I thought
> I'd ask here as well.  Is anyone using (or has tried to use) one of the
> new Sonnet G4 CPU's in a 1st generation PCI mac (7300 to 9600) with any
> degree of success ?  I'm considering trying this in my 8500 ...

Well, I can't speak for sonnet nor for G4, but I recentley got a G3/533
ZIF for my 8600/200. It was a nightmare until I found out that this CPU
doesn't like interleaving. After de-interleaving the DIMM's I could run
the CPU with 50MHz Bus and 500 MHz CPU Speed. L2 is half of the CPU.

My two rp.


[andreas at pm8600 cvs]$ cat /proc/cpuinfo
cpu             : 740/750
temperature     : 33 C (uncalibrated)
clock           : 510MHz
revision        : 3.2 COP (pvr 0008 8302)
bogomips        : 999.42
machine         : Power Macintosh
motherboard     : AAPL,8500 MacRISC
detected as     : 16 (PowerMac 8500/8600)
pmac flags      : 00000000
memory          : 560MB
l2cr override   : 0xb9080050
pmac-generation : OldWorld

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