just compiled a 2.4.19 kernel with smp support...

Xavier Grave grave at ipno.in2p3.fr
Wed Oct 23 01:34:08 EST 2002

> Not necessarily if you're booting with video=ofonly. cat /proc/fb
[root at ipnnarval ~]# cat /proc/fb
0 OFfb /pci at f0000000/ATY,PheonixParent at 10/

> > I think support for the 9000 have been added to XFree CVS
> > recently, though that may not yet be in the DRI one (and
> > so Michel snapshots). The XFree CVS is beeing merged
> > again into the DRI one now, so this should be fixed soon.
> Yep, and in the meantime, you could try telling the radeon driver to
> treat it like a 8500 with the ChipID or Chipset directive.
What do I need to put ? There is 4 different RADEON 8500 ?


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