install with Debian CD ok, but can't boot any kernel

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Sat Oct 19 08:55:28 EST 2002

>why do that, just boot yaboot manually if thats what happened.
>its already there.

Ok, I'm not sure what happened to him exactly, it may well
be a video problem in which case your suggestion of using
ofonly video is correct.

>if someone would send me device-trees for this model i could fix

I'll get one rsn. Note that in order to make that better, I've
just added to my tree a proc entry for ide-pmac. It appears
under /proc/ide/pmac, and shows, for each interface driven by
this driver, the full OF path (among others). I still need to
do something for PCI based controllers (like Promise) though.

An example of output on my tipb:

ide0 (KeyLargo ATA-4)
  of_path  : /pci at f2000000/mac-io at 17/ata-4 at 1f000
  bus-id   : 2
  cable    : 80 connector
ide1 (KeyLargo ATA-3)
  of_path  : /pci at f2000000/mac-io at 17/ata-3 at 20000
  bus-id   : 0
  cable    : 40 connector
ide2 (KeyLargo ATA-3)
  of_path  : /pci at f2000000/mac-io at 17/ata-3 at 21000
  bus-id   : 1
  cable    : 40 connector

(the algorithm to go from hdX to ideY is basically
(X - 'a') / 2, then remainder beeing the OF unit number
(0 for master, 1 for slave).


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