new powermac pb : no hard disk found

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Fri Oct 18 22:07:10 EST 2002

>I've received the new bi processor (2*1GHz) and I try to boot with a debian
>CDrom. I boot in the install24 yaboot mode but the only ide device found is
>the DVD writer.
>What do I need to do ?
>Thanks in advance for any answer...

Put your hard disk on the ATA/66 bus, the ATA/100 one isn't supported
yet. You should also make sure you are using my latest kernel tree.

In order to get the ATA/100 working properly, I need to figure out
the way the various timings are configured on this new controller,
I've started disassembling the MacOS X driver but didn't finish yet.

Unfortunately, unlike the Apple's ATA/66 and earlier IDE controllers,
the source code for this new ones's driver haven't been open sourced
by Apple as part of Darwin. (At least not yet).


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