part deux Re: Radeon 7000 in 9500 - which slot?

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Wed Oct 16 22:16:13 EST 2002

>Have moved the 7000 to the top slot on the 9500, 2 monitors attached.
>When using 2.4.20-pre9-ben0, booting into RL3 (not troubleshooting X
>at this point) and kernel arg video=radeon:1024x768-16 at 75, the
>console boot briefly appears to start in accelerated mode, then the
>monitor goes black and stays that way. However, I can tell from
>listening to the disks that the boot proceeds normally.

What kind of monitors ? 2 CRTs ? 1 LCD and 1 CRT ?

The problem is apparently due to radeon_get_moninfo not finding
anything, can you eventually force rinfo->crtDisp_type to MT_CRT
and see if that helps ?


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