USB in 2.5

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Fri Oct 11 08:01:53 EST 2002

>The OHCI driver in 2.5.4x(-ppc) crashes on loading, on my beige G3 with
>PCI USB card (Lucent Microelectronics USS-312 USB Controller (rev 16)). It
>halts the computer after printing the info message. This happens both when
>USB was compiled into the kernel and with USB as modules (crashes when
>loading ohci-hcd.o). Has anyone else seen this?
>btw: IDE and SCSI seem to work fine here.

The internal OHCI (Apple's one but it's a lucent part) seems to work (the
last time I tried 2.5.x it did, that is about 2 days ago from linuxppc-
2.5 tree). Maybe you should report to linux-usb mailist list, it might be
a chipset specific issue).


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