usb-storage.o - Unresolved symbol ppc_generic_ide_fix_driveid in 2.4.20-pre7-ben0

Robert E Brose II bob at
Sat Oct 5 11:08:32 EST 2002

User Benjamin Herrenschmidt says:
> It doeds make a difference, that function is only exported if you have
> IDE enabled in the .config. However, if you just enable it and redo
> the make, it may not work, as the actual export table may not be
> rebuilt properly.
> I suggest you enable IDE, backup .config, make distclean,
> restore .config, make oldconfig, then make.
> Ben.

Ben, you are correct. It was the distclean et al.. I forgot about
that one. Also, if I remove the isd driver it works as well without
turning the ide drivers on...

Thanks a lot..

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