4xx file moving

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Thu Oct 3 23:11:34 EST 2002

In an effort to keep the diffs between Linus' tree and linuxppc-2.5
down, I am planning to send Linus (get Linus to pull) a changeset that
will create arch/ppc/platforms/4xx and move files into it.  I plan to
put the ibm*.[ch] files in arch/ppc/platforms/4xx, though, rather than
arch/ppc/kernel/4xx, since those files are really almost entirely
about what I/O devices are on the chip rather than anything to do with
the core.

That will mean that I will be moving those files in linuxppc-2.5 from
arch/ppc/kernel/4xx to arch/ppc/platforms/4xx as well.  That leaves
only a few files in arch/ppc/kernel/4xx, so I am not sure that it
needs to exist, and I won't send Linus a changeset to create
arch/ppc/kernel/4xx yet - not until I am convinced we need it.


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