New TiPB - PCMCIA settings

George Staikos staikos at
Tue Nov 19 10:29:11 EST 2002

   After fighting for a short while, I have some settings for config.opts on
the new Ti PowerBook.  These make PCMCIA work for me anyways:

include memory 0xa0003000-0xa0ffffff
include port 0x9100-0x9fff

   Remove any other include memory/port lines to avoid oopses.

   It would really be nice if yenta_socket could be cleaned up and this stuff
could be autodetected.  the algorithm was straightforward I think:

>From /proc/iomem, find the card services region and use a suitable sized
region starting after that (assuming it is free).

>From /proc/ioports, find the PCI entry for cardbus and use the ports available
directly after the last cardbus slot for a suitable sized region.

What doesn't work right now:
- dmasound is aweful (lots of clicking and sounds bad)
- video issues in XFree86 and fbdev, along with sleeping
    - closing the screen causes lots of garbling on the screen.
- v.92 modem (hcfusb doesn't work on it)


George Staikos

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