PPCBOOT & PPCLinux version compatibility

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu May 30 10:24:06 EST 2002

Dear Murali,

in message <022d01c2076a$a7b0b9e0$0900a8c0 at Domain.invalid> you wrote:
> We want to port Linux 2.4.18 using ppcboot on our custom board with 8245.


> Can someone advise if we can use the latest ppcboot 1.1.5 for this kernel
> version 2.4.18. If not which version of ppcboot we should use?

You _can_ use .1.5, but I'd recommend the top-of-CVS  version  (which
is 1.1.6 minus a couple of days :-)

Wolfgang Denk

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