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brad allison jackal at aol.net
Tue May 21 03:54:44 EST 2002

On Fri, 17 May 2002, Bill Fink wrote:

> On Fri May 17 2002, brad allison wrote:
> > I was talking about my G4 900Mhz Quicksilver which came with a GeForce4
> > card.
> >
> > I was able to find a co-worker who has an older G4 with a GeForce2 MX card
> > and we traded.
> >
> > So I'm now testing against the GeForce2 MX card which is listed as
> > "supported".
> >
> > I was able to X working with it using the "nv" driver however it seems to
> > ignore everything in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 and it boots into whatever
> > resolution it wants.  The numbers don't match.
> >
> > I figured this would be the fb settings so I checked what fbset says.
> > fbset says I'm at mode "640x480-283" which is what my consoles are running
> > at.
> >
> > I selected 1280x1024 in Xconfigurator, when X starts it's coming up in
> > 1280x960.
> >
> > Anyone know why?  Or how to fix this?
> You might give this a try:
> First boot a kernel with the riva kernel driver enabled but don't start X,
> i.e. boot into runlevel 3.  Create a new entry in /etc/yaboot.conf with
> something like the following line added:
> 	append="video=riva:1280x1024-24 at 60 3"

Nothing I did on the command line changed resolution.

So, then I installed MacOSX on one of the other partitions.  Inside MacOSX
I set the resolution to 1280x1024, then rebooted.  Now the yaboot prompt,
boot prompt, and console messages all come up at 1280x1024.

I booted with ben's kernel with the "novideo" option in yaboot.conf into
init 3.

Then I re-ran Xconfiguration.  Added lines to /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 from
fbset -x, and changed the driver to "nv".

When I run X it -still- comes up in 1280x960 @ 60.00.

So it's ignoring both the fb settings -and- the XF86Config-4 and booting
into whatever resolution it can sync too.


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