How can I run linux on MOTOROLA MVME5100 ?

Xavier Grave grave at
Fri May 17 17:53:18 EST 2002

Le ven, 17 mai 2002 05:46:27, Lao Dingxiong a écrit :
> I have heard that the newly linux kernel(2.4, or above) can support 5100.
> So I compiled a 2.4.7 kernel, but it can't work!!!
> I want to know should I patch the kernel with a 5100 supported patch?
> if yes, where can I get this patch?
> Thanks for your help.

Where did you take your kernel sources ?
I'm using a 2.4.11 kernel from

O+ xavier

PS: I have developped a driver for the vme part (highly inspired from
Gabriel Paubert one's)
with a rtlinux response for the interrupts. I have put it under GPL, but
for the moment
I don't have a ftp server to put it...
I don't have tested it with others kernels (the rtlinux part can easily be
replaced by a normal irq gestion).
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