Firewire Disk Broken in 2.4.19-pre8-ben0 kernel (was working fine with 2.4.18-ben0)

Bill Fink billfink at
Tue May 14 02:07:48 EST 2002

On Mon, 13 May 2002, Ben Collins wrote:

> > ohci1394: $Revision: 1.101 $ Ben Collins <bcollins at>
> Try the SVN code base (check the website for how to download).

Hi Ben,

As I indicated in my earlier message, I already tried the latest
ieee1394-473 tarball (dated May 13).  I gave the output from the
ieee1394-444 tarball (dated April 4), since that was the earliest
point I knew it to be broken.  For completeness, here is the dmesg
output from the ieee1394-473 tarball:

ohci1394: $Rev: 460 $ Ben Collins <bcollins at>
ohci1394_0: OHCI-1394 1.0 (PCI): IRQ=[63]  MMIO=[80080000-80080800]  Max Packet=[2048]
ieee1394: received packet during reset; ignoring
ohci1394_0: Unexpected tcode 0xf(0x6001c1ff) in AR ctx=0, length=-1: dma prg stopped
ieee1394: ConfigROM quadlet transaction error for node 00:1023
ieee1394: Host added: Node[01:1023]  GUID[00000000feeb324a]  [Linux OHCI-1394]

I know it is reporting "$Rev: 460" but it is in fact from the ieee1394-473


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