Steven Blakeslee BlakesleeS at
Thu May 9 06:42:51 EST 2002

I was hoping that someone with experience with IRQ's could give me a little
advice.  I am working on a touch screen driver that uses IRQ4 on an 823e
board.  I have the following code to assign it.

 *  Make IRQ4 edge sensitive.
immap->im_siu_conf.sc_siel |= 0x00800000;

if( request_8xxirq(SIU_IRQ4, tpanel_pendn_intr, 0,  "tpanel", NULL) != 0 )
	  printk("Could not allocate tpanel IRQ\n");

I have verified with a scope that when I touch the screen IRQ4 goes low, but
the handler tpanel_pendn_intr is never called.  Is there anything else
involved in assigning and using an IRQ?  I would appreciate any advice
anyone could give.

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