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> Joern Nettingsmeier writes:
> > <asbestos mode="full body protection">
> > if you're in for quick compilation, get an intel machine.
> > </asbestos>
> No, if you're in for quick compilation, compile a kernel for i386
> rather than a kernel for ppc, for some reason gcc is quicker at
> producing x86 output than ppc output, i.e. the x86 compilation
> involves less computation.

It has something to do with RISC versus CISC architectures, i.e. RISC
offloads much of scheduling (?) to the compiler....
My old trusted Alpha had the same "problem" when I was using it for
It is also very visible if you use cross compiler on an PIII to generate
ppc code (like I am doing now). The same code compiles significantly
if cross compiled rather than natively compiled for the PIII.


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