linuxppc_2_4_devel - Walnut compile

Curtis, Allen Allen.Curtis at
Sat May 4 02:39:36 EST 2002

> I hopefully just fixed xconfig.  Now I need to talk to Keith Owens to
> get the proper fix pushed onto Marcelo.


> > 2. linker error - early_serial* symbols undefined
> >    modified drivers/char/Makefile - to include serial.c
> Turn on CONFIG_SERIAL.  No one has tested any of the 4xx configs w/o
> CONFIG_SERIAL, so it's not supprising it didn't work.  I've
> pushed a few
> small things which might help however.

I got this to build doing the following. In the process of testing it now.

1. Changed Standard/Generic Serial Port to [Y] from [M]
	This enabled the console on serial port option

a) Makefile modifications were unnecessary in drivers/char.
b) I guess that SICC is not appropriate.....

> > 4. Reviewed arch/ppc/ and discovered the following
> Fix this as well (missing space was the actual problem).

Yup, that is what I did....

Thanks for the help!

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