2.4.19pre4 boot crash

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Sun Mar 24 23:28:27 EST 2002

>During boot, I get a crash during the setting of the Linux keycodes.
>The only mon trace I can get is:
>pc=c01b39f0, lr = c01b4690
>msr = 9032, sp = c5de5da0 [c5de5cf0]
>dsr = ffffffed. Dsisr =  20000000
>current = c5de4000, pid = 34, comm = grep

Yes, there is something wrong with pmac /proc/cpuinfo code, I'm
looking into it.
Could actually be "mbname" NULL in pmac_show_cpuinfo, try eventually
adding if (mbname == NULL) mbname = "Unknown"; in it.

>I note that there is a line in setting the keycodes:
>	if grep -i "MacRISC" /proc/cpuinfo >/dev/null; then
>which is where it must be crashing, but I can't think of why...
>System.map-2.4.19pre4 snippets:

Look for c01bxxx not c011bxx ...

>c011aefc t vgacon_font_o
>c011b018 t vgacon_scrolldelta
>c011b1b0 t vgacon_set_origin
>c011b278 t vgacon_save_screen
>c011b2e8 t vgacon_scroll
>c011b5b0 t vgacon_dummy
>c011b5b8 t fbmem_read_proc
>c011b6b4 t fb_read
>c011b830 t fb_write
>c011b9b8 t try_to_load

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