2.4.19pre3 boot problem with ext SCSI

Stefan Jeglinski jeglin at 4pi.com
Wed Mar 20 14:32:19 EST 2002

This is on a 6500 with an external SCSI (mesh) Yamaha CDRW. With
2.4.19pre3 I fall into the mon debugger during boot as long as the
CDRW is powered on (and no keyboard control, as usual for me with
mon). This does not happen with 2.4.18, both rsynced from
source.mvista.com::linuxppc_2_4. With the CDRW powered off (but still
connected), no boot freeze.

I want to remember someone ranting here about a simple mesh patch
that was again and again being not added to the tree, but I can no
longer find that message. Was thinking it might be my solution. Any
clues as to that patch?

Stefan Jeglinski

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