new bi_rec interface (was Re: [Ppcboot-users] Re: EV-64260 booting)

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Tue Mar 19 11:24:49 EST 2002

In message <20020318143326.B26309 at plato.local.lan> you wrote:
> > What happened to the idea (paulus' idea?) of creating some wrapper
> > code (eg, zimage) that would build the bootinfo and pass it into
> > the kernel, so yaboot doesn't need to do much other than pass in
> > boot params?  This would force us to only boot zimages though
> > (or whatever wrapper code we create).
> from a logistical point of view this really seems to be the best
> approach.  keeping all the details in a kernel wrapper of sorts gives

>From the point of view of someone who is working mostly with embedded
systems this is definitely the WORST approach (YMMV).

> the kernel maintainers much more freedom to make changes in the
> future, whereas if its kept in yaboot (rather $bootloader) you have to

The interfaces, once defined, should remain unchanged.

> deal with backword compatibility and endless luser error due to using
> the wrong bootloader versions with wrong kernels.

There is no need to create such problems in the first place, so don;t
do it then.

> of course if someone doesn't want to use the wrapper they can just use
> the vmlinux and write thier own bootloader to handle all this stuff
> and take on the effort of ensuring its up to date with what the kernel
> wants.

What makes you think that kernel interfaces are  somthing  to  change
that  often?  From  the  current  discussion  about bi_recs I got the
impression that we have some kind of  agreement  (in  pronciple,  not
[yet]  in  detail), but what you propose sounds like a full roll-back
to position zero???

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