2.4.18-ben0 on G4 SMP: do_IRQ waiting for irq lock

roger blofeld blofeldus at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 11 04:36:36 EST 2002

I've seen the same problem with cups on my G4 dual

In addition, my machine hangs whenever the macserial
driver is closed (e.g., open /dev/ttyS0 with minicom,
the exit).

Does your machine do this as well?


On Sat, 9 Mar 2002 10:43:28 +0100,
laforge at gnumonks.org wrote:
>On Fri, Mar 08, 2002 at 07:34:09PM +0100,
benh at kernel.crashing.org wrote:
>> Could be a driver bug showing up, difficult to say.
The problem definitely
>> doesn't happen here (dual G4 450Mhz, 2x7400 CPU
with highmem). The fact that
>> the IRQ lock can be held by the other CPU is normal
though, both CPUs don't
>> take external IRQs but decrementer ones for example
happen on both.
>> That said, I don't know what is causing your
>I've now managed to get the kernel running - so far
without any crashes for
>one day.
>The problem seemed connected with the cups daemon. If
I don't start (or use)
>any part of the cups (common unix printing system),
it runs fine.
>I don't know what cups is trying to do, since there
are no local printers
>configured. Everything it is supposed to do is to
submit remote printjobs
>to my printer server.
>As of drivers, the only hardware driver (apart from
standard pmu, aty128fb,
>sungem) I'm using is tulip for a 21x4x network board.
>But the problems are not related with this network
interface, since I'm
>heavily using it for NFS, etc. I've also tried to
pingflood the machine
>on both network interfaces - no problem.
>> Ben.

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