pbbuttons, need some help

Tuomas Kuosmanen tigert at ximian.com
Sun Mar 10 01:43:42 EST 2002

On Thu, 2002-03-07 at 21:41, Joseph P. Garcia wrote:

    Along those same lines, I have a sugesstion for the gtk client for
    pbbuttons.  The program should use the X keycodes rather than associate
    with the daemon that controls the hardware.  This serves two purposes: X
    handles any client/server mess, and the GUI will be the system independant
    figurehead it should be (IMO).  Bastien wrote a similar program that uses
    the keycodes, so it could be used on any system with the keys, even an x86.

Now, I dont know if this is a problem or not but please note that the
"dim the lcd after inactivity" -kind of stuff should not rely on X
screen being active. I mean, if I use MOL for example the keyboard
activity happens on the console - resulting a dimmed display in a moment
if one monitors for X keyboard stuff. Which is rather annoying.



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