pbbuttons, need some help

benh at kernel.crashing.org benh at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Mar 8 23:33:01 EST 2002

>The best way to get battery info now is to use to use /proc/pmu/ in newer
>(2.4) kernels.  My gkrellm-pmu plugin used to use adb directly, then PMUD,
>now /proc/pmu/.  I had to poke and prod at Paul Mackerras' Batmon to figure
>out O'Hare.  But /proc/pmu is transparent to what kind of system its on.
>Divide and conquer.  Nice that another conduit thats system independant

Note that OHare in /proc/pmu is still known to be flawky as it seems
not all OHare based pbooks need the same formula. But at least it will
be fixed one day and I prefer indeed keeping that tricky code in a
single location. I do have some code to merge one of these days fixing
calculation for the 2400 for example.

>Along those same lines, I have a sugesstion for the gtk client for
>pbbuttons.  The program should use the X keycodes rather than associate
>with the daemon that controls the hardware.  This serves two purposes: X
>handles any client/server mess, and the GUI will be the system independant
>figurehead it should be (IMO).  Bastien wrote a similar program that uses
>the keycodes, so it could be used on any system with the keys, even an x86.

Well, the daemon will still be needed to get the "special" keys on OHare
based powerbooks as I think those don't come via ADB.

>Thanks for working to improve the Linux user expirience. (and anyone else
>listening for keeping in touch with such ventures :)

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