2.4.18-ben0 on G4 SMP: do_IRQ waiting for irq lock

Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Fri Mar 8 19:07:50 EST 2002


I've tried to run 2.4.18-ben0 on my G4 SMP (dual 450 MHz) box.

I've tried both, a kernel with all IRQ's routed to CPU0 - and a kernel
where both CPU's can handle IRQ's.

Unfortunately in both kernel images, I don't even get past all init scripts,
at some (random) point during bootup:

do_IRQ waiting for irq lock (holder=1)


Any idea what's causing the problem?  I've already tried to boot in
single user mode - and it's working fine.  Then I've started every single
init script in /etc/rc2.d (it's debian) by hand - and the problem didn't

Am I right assuming that there is a deadlock where one CPU is holding
the IRQ lock while the other wants to grab it?

And how could this happen on a kernel where all IRQ's are routed to one
CPU ??


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