docs for ppc gnu gcc inline asm?

Patrick Berge pberge at
Tue Jun 11 14:26:23 EST 2002

On Sunday 09 June 2002 23:48, David Edelsohn wrote:
> 	GNU as supports all of the PowerPC mnemonics.  The GCC Further
> Readings link on the main page has a list of links for various
> architectures, including the PowerPC Assembler manuals for AIX.  Both IBM,
> Motorola, and Apple all have documentation about the instruction set
> available through their websites.

Thanks the response David , but I was looking for a more inclusive list.  For
example some assembler I have written for the IBM PPC 405 has icbst, mtdcr
and quite a few other 4xx only operations.  Obviously the as has this
information when passed 'mcpu=405'.  I was just hoping I could find a single
source of documentation containing the superset of all IBM
(POWER(2),4xx,6xx,7xx(x), PPC64) and Motorola (8xx(x), 7xx, G3/G4).  Also
book E based processors are in development which will soon only complicate
this matter more for anyone who is not  a PPC assembler expert.

Would be nice if was updated
to include a PPC section.  It currently is dated Jan '94.


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