Why I can't bind the 1023 port?

Daniel Lao laodx at gzjpg.com
Tue Jun 11 13:20:22 EST 2002

Yes, only root can access the ports less than 1024.
Just now I saw that rcp was a SUID routine, so it must be able to bind that port.
Maybe I made some other mistakes.
Thanks for your help.

I am sorry my post is a little off topic :)

>Yes, ports < 1024 are reserved ports for "public" applications and only
>the superuser can bind them. To use them, you need to be a superuser. I
>am not familar with rcp (I would use scp even for local transfers) but
>it should be able to run on another port.
>Owen Stampflee - owen at penguinppc.org

Daniel Lao
2002-06-11 11:07:13

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