Sungem bug or something else?

benh at benh at
Fri Jun 7 06:25:23 EST 2002

>Does sungem use autonegotiate to determine its interface type and speed
>(like some  of the more advanced interface drivers) or does it look at
>the rom or use a table?
>If it autonegotiates, does the driver actually wait long enough for the
>autonegotiation to fully complete before returning the first time?

It autonegociates first, then tries fixed speeds, etc..

>Under some tulip drivers, I noticed something very similar (but no oops,
>just a inability to use the driver until I rmmod and then insmod it
>once).  I think it happens because the the autonegotiation results where
>handled asynchronously and the main driver routine simply started it and
>returned before the auonegotiation actually completed and the interface
>and speed were properly determined.  The problem was right after
>bringing up the network in the boot sequence things tried to use it (the
>appletalk drivers, etc).  So if I waited to insert the module for the
>driver until after everything else was started (at the end of the
>bootsequence) all was well.
>This is all just a wag, but it is something to look at.

Nah, it's clearly the chip beeing powered down. I know I have a bug
in the driver that doesn't prevent HW access to the PHY via the
ethtool ioctl's when the chip is down, and that will cause a Machine
Check. I just didn't yet take the time to fix it.


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