Sungem bug or something else?

Tom Rini trini at
Fri Jun 7 05:30:39 EST 2002

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 12:25:10PM -0700, roger blofeld wrote:

> I encounter an oops during boot bringing up a sungem
> interface. (smp g4 450/gcc 3.1/glibc 2.2.5) If I defer
> bringing up the network at boot, I can successfully
> start eth0 (sungem) if I start eth1 (tulip) first, so
> it may not be the sungem driver itself. This happens
> on benh 2.4.19-Bpre10, and pre9.

Have you tried gcc-3.0 or gcc-2.95 ?

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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