Debugging Network Performance

Allen Curtis acurtis at
Tue Jun 4 13:27:33 EST 2002

I was wondering if anyone could provide some pointers on monitoring and
debugging network communications. The performance of Ethernet communications
seems to vary with kernel revisions. I would like to analyze this problem
but I need a little guidance on the issue.


=========== Previous 8260 Ethernet email ==================

2. Some relative performance measurements (HHL 2.4.2 vs. 2.4.19pre9)
			10T Hub	|	100BT switch
	2.4.2	 |	410KBps	|	750KBps	  |
	2.4.19 |	440KBps	|	190KBps	  |

	RedHat 2.4.18-3 (x86)	3900KBps

3. TOP shows as much as 48% system utilization during a single FTP transfer.
With the fix mentioned in #1, there are 0 errors reported by ifconfig.

I may be missing something but I believe that these numbers are going the
wrong way. There is still the question of performance decrease when using a
100BT switch. Signal intregety can not be the only suspect considering the
performance did increase using an older version of the kernel. (although
nothing like the Workstation performance)

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