Support for new Dual G4 1 Gig machines?

Eric Leblond eric at
Wed Jan 30 18:00:15 EST 2002

le lun 28-01-2002 à 21:34, Christopher Murtagh a écrit :
> On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Jim Potter wrote:
> >I've been running SMP YDL on a dual 500 for over a year;  it's quite
>  Actually, this depends on what you are doing with the machine. My desktop
> machine is a Dual-450 and it has been running very well. However, I had a
> Dual-800 and a Dual-500 that I tried to put into production, and they both
> crashed often. I had mentioned the 800 to BenH and he suspected a problem

The thing is that I was unable to boot. It hangs at the start at :
	smp_core99_kick_cpu done

Maybe was it a misconfiguration in the OpenFirmware :
when I list the value of the vars in OF, i've got two vars :
	betty_cpu0 passed
	betty_cpu1 ......
Oops, I can't log today on the computer, I don't remember the second
value :-( which was different from the first.
I test it on 2 G4 with exactly the same hardware configuration.

By the way, MacOS 9.2 was highly unstable : it often hangs on netscape.

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