Support for new Dual G4 1 Gig machines?

Edward Swarthout Ed.Swarthout at
Wed Jan 30 04:01:36 EST 2002

Holger wrote:
> 4 additional DBATs and 4 additional IBATs. I am not sure if those
> require initialization at early startup to not interfere with later
> operation.

They are not used until enabled in HID0.

See HID0[HIGH_BAT_EN] on page 49 of

An debug hint for early users:

The 7455 uses bit 8 for HIGH_BAT_EN.  On the 7400/7410, bit 8 is DOZE
Enable and on the 7450 it is ignored.  So, code ported from the 7400
which happens to set bit 8 will work fine on the 7450 but cause great
grief on the 7455.  Random translations whose side effects don't get
detected until much later tend to make system debug difficult...

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