Support for new Dual G4 1 Gig machines?

Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks at
Tue Jan 29 06:40:33 EST 2002


I have not been keeping up wih the latest processor and driver support in
the kernels or on the status and stability of dual processor boxes.

But I just ordered a brand new Dual 1 GHZ G4 machine from Apple with an
ATI 7500 video card (I also have an ATI Radeon Mac PCI card).

So can anyone update date me if the version of the G4 in the latest Apple
machines is supported?

How stable is SMP support under PPC Linux?

I know I can get the ATI Radeon 32M Mac edition card to work to work with
my FlatPanel under ppc linux, but I have no idea about the ATI 7500 and
the FlatPanel display?

Any information on required patches or kernel version to make this thing
work when it comes would be greatly appreciated.  I will have the use of
my old machine to rebuiold kernels and things for about a week after the
new machine arrives (before it become's my wife's new machine) and would
like to get everything I can built in advance.



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