2.4.18-pre7-ben0 MESH SCSI error

Tim Moss ppc at to11.net
Mon Jan 28 11:27:37 EST 2002

I just got around to upgrading the kernels on my 9500/180 and 9500/132
to 2.4.18-pre7-ben0 from benh 2.4.14-ben0. I use the exact same kernel
on both machines and 2.4.14-ben0 has been working fine. On the 9500/180,
2.4.18-pre7-ben0 works well so far but it won't boot on the 9500/132. It
loads the MESH driver and then just continues spitting out this message
until I turn the machine off

mesh: SCSI bus reset detected: waiting for end...done

Any idea how to get this working on the 9500/132?


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