mediabay hotswap, tun naming patches (2.4)

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Mon Jan 21 08:02:34 EST 2002

>ide_register() calls the arch's preferred init_hwif_ports.  Until
>recently, we could set this according to ppc platform using a member of
>the ppc_md (IIRC) structure.  This member was eliminated.  When we had
>it, at one point it was changed to have a generic (PC?) init_hwif_ports
>rather than the pmac one that mediabay needed.  I rack this up to
>possibly people forgetting that some systems have hot swap, but no
>matter.  The assumption that the member stood for was that differing
>platforms /needed/ a custom call, which is not true.  There are a few
>chips on startup and only media bays in runtime that need it.  They are
>the exception, not the rule.  (PCMCIA i think needs the generic call)
>Basically, I think that any old ide hardware driver should be able to
>call ide_register, and anyone who is unique hardware must work only a
>little harder to call their proper unique function.

I just noticed that change in _devel, it will cause problems with
ide_unregister() as well. I have to check what the best fix is, I
beleive ide-pmac should override the still-existing ppc_md. hook
when inited. The generic function will set wrong pointers, but those
will be overriden by the platform-specific one installed by ide-pmac.

Not pretty but should work.

Also, doing it from within ide-pmac will probably help toward making
ide-pmac moduleable ;)


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