Kernel 2.4.x video problems

Chris Boot bootc at
Tue Jan 15 04:33:55 EST 2002

Hi all,

I've got a few questions pertaining to video in recent kernels (2.4.x, x >=
10) on both an iMac DV SE/500 (Summer 2000, ATI Rage 128 Pro) and a G4 Dual
533 (ATI Radeon).

First of all, I can only boot the iMac using the novideo kernel argument.
If I attempt to use video=aty128fb with or without any vmode parameters, the
screen just remains black.  I can type blindly and reboot, and got a dmesg.
Nothing out of the ordinary.  If there are any ways of getting verbose
messages from the kernel or the driver itself, I would be rather grateful.

Second, the G4/533 works fine with no arguments, but it remains in 640x480,
8-bit color.  As soon as I try to get some accelerated video using the
Radeon FB driver, the screen remains blank as in the iMac.  A dmesg this
time does in fact yield a message: "radeonfb: could not claim FB region" or
something similar (not by the machine at the moment).  Anyone know what's
causing this?

I can provide full output of either of the dmesg's or lspci's or whatever.

Thanks very much,

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