Changes to gt64260 interrupt support code

Michael O'Donnell mod at
Thu Jan 3 06:18:54 EST 2002

>> The current gt64260 interrupt support code forces
>> use of particular Linux irqs (starting from 0) for
>> particular GT64260 interrupt sources.  These changes
>> allow use of that support code in other platforms and
>> (of particular interest in my situation) in combination
>> with other interrupt controllers (like the elegant
>> and flexible 8259) that also want to map *their*
>> interrupt sources to the Linux irqs starting at 0...
>Ugh. Did I mention I hate 8259's?
>We **REALLY** need a better way to deal with cascaded
>8259's than adding an offset..  I think Dan Malek
>had some good ideas on what to do about this, but I
>don't know that anyone has got any currently running
>code that solves this problem nicely.

We're all agreed: the current interrupt subsystem is
too brittle and needs to be reworked.  Meanwhile, can we
get that patch applied?  I'm in the process of porting
to a new platform and I'm trying to be a good boy and
feed y'all my platform-independent stuff in bite-sized
pieces prior to the larger platform-specific bolus...

          Michael O'Donnell
        Mission Critical Linux

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