jdk 1.4?

Derrik Pates dpates at dsdk12.net
Wed Feb 27 03:00:39 EST 2002

On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 11:49:30AM +0100, marc. h. wrote:
> lack of JIT hurts though. Have you ever tried the IBM j2SDK for PPC?. It's
> noticeably faster on my Powerbook G3. (you can download it from IBM, just
> google for it.) Problem is that the IBM jvm has been broken for me since kernel
> 2.4.16. 2.4.15-pre1 is the last know working kernel for me. On later kernels it
> just keeps calling sched_yield() endlessly and burns System CPU time. I'd like
> to fire off an email to IBM about the problem, but don't know exactly where to
> fire the email off to. I use the blackdown (whose excellent work I appreciate)
> release now as well.

I hadn't actually tried the IBM JVM for PPC - the only link I'd seen for
it pointed to some SuSE site. I am, however, running 2.4.17-benh0 on
this iBook, so I guess if you experience is correct, it wouldn't work on
here anyhow. Also, did it come with an OJI Java plugin for use with
Mozilla? (I'd bet not.)

> Is the blackdown release fast enough for you, or is there something I'm
> missing?

Well, I don't run too much Java stuff, so it's been sort of a non-issue.
I'm sure a JIT for the PPC would speed things up a lot, but the lack of
it hasn't been a real issue for me, for the most part.

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