I2C module problem on 8260

Eric.Oosterhof at radisys.com Eric.Oosterhof at radisys.com
Thu Feb 21 06:26:40 EST 2002

On Wed, 13 Feb 2002 17:43:57 +1100, Murray Jensen <
Murray.Jensen at cmst.csiro.au> writes:
>Well, I have an i2c driver for the CPM which supports both 8xx and 8260
>(and potentially anything else that has a CPM) in the same source
>I still haven't got around to testing the 8xx code). I avoid the issue
>here by using kmalloc(). The code works fine as a loadable module, and it
>only allocates the dual port ram once, the first time the module is
>Of course, it is called drivers/i2c/i2c{-algo,}cpm.c.

Yes, thanks for the responses.  That was my solution too, and it is now
working.  Next up, how to get it to respond as a slave.  My hardware has 4
8260's, and they communicate via I2C.  I want one CPU to be the I2C master
and the other 3 to be slaves.  Potentially, I could make them all masters,
but that might require SW mods to support the multi-master environment.  Is
anyone aware of either solution?

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