SCSI error on MVME5100

ghannon at ghannon at
Wed Feb 20 09:19:50 EST 2002

I am running an MVME5100 board using a
2.4.11 kernel, and keep getting the following error with the
SCSI driver.
It will run for a while before the error occurs, but once it starts it just
keeps posting this error.

sym53c895a-0:0: ERROR (a0:0) (0-a0-0) (0/f) @ (script a14:c0040b5d).
sym53c895a-0: script cmd = 00000174
sym53c895a-0: regdump: da 10 c0 0f 47 00 00 0e 72 08 80 a8 80 00 08 08 00
e0 b7
03 0a 00 00 00.

Has anyone seen this before?

Also,  I tried building a 2.4.18-pre9 kernel, and I see that
is no longer in the source at all.  Did it get merged in at some point?

I can post more info if this is not enough to go on.

Gary Hannon

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