question on best way to install other ide drives?

Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks at
Sun Feb 17 10:59:53 EST 2002


My dual 1 Gig machine has room to easily mount a second (slave) ide
drive.  I also have an Sonnet ATA-100 pci card and another IDE drive.

I would like to add both.  The Sonnet card can support up to 4 IDE

Would it be better (performancewize) to:

A.  Hook both drives up the the ATA-100 pci card using two ribbon cables
with both being masters?

B.  Hook only 1 to the ATA-100 (a master) and use the second as slave
off the the included IDE card?

C. Hook both to one ATA-100 card using one as master and one as slave.

Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated.



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