new G4 dual 1 gig is here - how to install?

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Sun Feb 17 06:24:47 EST 2002

>BTW I just finished building XF4.2.0 in under 45 min from scratch with
>just one CPU on my new box and fired it up and it works just fine out of
>the box.
>We really need to write a USB daemon to allow the "Brightness" button to
>work on the DFP monitors from Apple.

There are at least 2 nice daemons beeing worked on that currently
only handle recent laptop keys but those will be improved over time.
We also need a better API that what the kernel currently provides for
the brightness, especially when dealing with X as it is not safe to
let the kernel tap the card registers the way it does currently while
X is doing the same below.

>The only way I could seem to reduce the brightness was to use the Gamma
>0.50 setting in the XF86Config-4 file to reduce the gamma
>Ani/Ben I will try to send you whatever patches are needed for radeonfb.c
>for the 7500 (once I clean up my hacks) so that you can see what I had to
>Now on to SMP kernel testing!

I'm still working on proper L3 support, I'll push when it's ready.


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