G4 boot crash problems with 2.4 "stable"

benh at kernel.crashing.org benh at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Feb 14 06:07:44 EST 2002

>> A workaround for pmac or openpic ppc32 is to use the keylargo or the
>> openpic timer instead of the DEC. That could be a "kernel hacking" option
>Speaking of OpenPIC....  I tried to build a kernel from BK TOT last night
>for a PowerMac G4, and it hung about a half screen into booting after some
>yammering about OpenPIC.
>openpic enter
>openpic timer
>openpic ext
>Is there a 2.4 kernel source tarball around that is known to boot on
>Sawtooth (using BootX)?  Is there a way to yank the OpenPIC support?

BootX isn't supported on any newworld mac. You should boot from OF,
using yaboot.


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