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Jens Schmalzing jens.schmalzing at
Thu Feb 14 03:52:46 EST 2002


> I know there are some laptop specific tools that monitor the link
> and do the shutdown of the interface when there is no link but I
> don't have any precise pointer at hand.

On Debian systems, this is done by a small daemon named ifd in the
laptop-net package.

Unfortunately, it uses the SIOCGMIIPHY and SIOCGMIIREG ioctls for link
detection, which on my Pismo reproducibly lead to machine check
oopses.  I've managed to track down the problem, a patch is included
below.  Basically, instead of really reading the registers it fakes
and returns a register setting from the cached status of the device.
Right now, it is fairly ugly, since it only works for that relevant
one bit.

Regards, Jens.

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P.S.: I forget whether to include or to attach patches.  My apologies
if I have done it incorrectly.

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