Highmem on PPC?

Christopher Murtagh christopher.murtagh at mcgill.ca
Fri Feb 8 17:05:23 EST 2002

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Val Henson wrote:
>Also, I don't think this was a particularly good test of highmem since I
>don't think many bounce buffers were used, or that the kernel had much
>reason to map/unmap many highmem pages.  Unfortunately, my SCSI
>controller isn't working quite right and I can't test with a hard disk
>as a result.  Any ideas for stressing the system harder?

 My Dual800 ran fine for well over a week in my office with 1GB of RAM and
with SMP. It also ran with a load average of around 10 for a couple of
hours when I tried to stress test it. It was only when it started getting
a bit of network traffic after moving it into our machine room did it
crash, and then it crashed often. (It was also compiled with GMAC and BMAC
network drivers).

 So, don't know if this info helps or not, but I'd say try giving it a
network stress test as well as a heavy CPU load. Once I turned off SMP, it
seems to be very stable (still with 1 GB of RAM).




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